I've had this site now for a number of years and started off with great enthusiasm doing my hometown, Edinburgh and a smaller one for Glassgow just to show i'm not biased. My plan was to do a wee site for all the major towns in the u.k. with all the places of interests noted and then maybe make a wee living selling space on the site for local businesses. I really did try hard to make it work in Edinburgh but my income didnt even pay for the upkeep of the website. I now use the site to host anything i fancy these days and also to blatently put ads for my main source of living, The Sherwood Guest House in Edinburgh.
Some of the bits on this site are really quite interesting ( i think anyway ) but in order for them to be found the site needs a sitemap so that the search engines can see them. This index page is therefor just a link to the various directories that are stored on this site, many of which have there own wee domain names, none of which make any money. Who needs it as long as you get along. extra is nice nice but not always necessary.
The directories
Arizona My son Ben California Christmas Carols me
My son Dominic Famous Edinburgh folk My pals the McMillans My daughter Mhairi Nustart Artists
Another failed project Edinburgh Places to stay Scotland Home of Golf St. Davids Primary School The Greigs unfinished
Not a lot to be proud of but nothing to be ashamed of either

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